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AdMan - Ad Management on Your Terms

Publisher Tutorial - Pricing Schemes

Last Updated On: Dec 3rd, 2005
Pricing schemes define the different ad purchases that can be made on a particular zone. Pricing schemes consist of a price and service, which is described by cost per click, CPM, or time. To create a pricing scheme, go to Zone Mgmt, select View Pricing Schemes for your target zone and then click New Pricing Scheme.

Note: Once you've created a pricing scheme you can hide this pricing scheme by clicking Edit Pricing Scheme. This can be particularly useful for creating free or discounted pricing schemes that are only accessible by an administrator. Also, we recommend that you check the Require Approval of All Ads and Ad Edits when your pricing scheme includes a Rich Ad. This is because the flexibility of Rich Ads can sometimes be abused by certain advertisers.
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