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Legal action

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Author Message

Joined: 22 Nov 2006
Posts: 5
Location: Sisters

PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 5:04 pm    Post subject: Legal action Reply with quote

Please be advised that Dan will be taking legal action against your company if you continue to allow people to slander him and his family on your website. Please delete all comments posted by this user (truth) immediately.

Thank you in advance.
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Joined: 19 Nov 2006
Posts: 20

PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 5:25 pm    Post subject: Re: Legal action Reply with quote

sisters wrote:
Please be advised that Dan will be taking legal action against your company if you continue to allow people to slander him and his family on your website. Please delete all comments posted by this user (truth) immediately.

Thank you in advance.

You mean if they have a different opinion than Dan's.

Mods, don't worry about it.

1 : the utterance of false charges or misrepresentations which defame and damage another's reputation
2 : a false and defamatory oral statement about a person -- compare LIBEL

I and others stated our opinion of Dan's story. No misrepresentations or damage there. No false statements, only opinions.

Dan however claims his story is true. So the Warm Springs Confederated Tribes can sue him for libel and slander because he is claiming fact.

Section 230 of the Communications and Decency act clearly states that even if there was libel or slander on your forum, you would not be held responsible for it as you were not the author of it.

There are those who claim this man (and maybe even the same man named "sisters") has emailed threats to other forum mebers through your inner PM system. Now it apears that he is trying to threaten the site owners. Why, it seems because he can tolorate his own view and nobody else's.
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Joined: 22 Nov 2006
Posts: 5
Location: Sisters

PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 5:48 pm    Post subject: legal claification Reply with quote

Really? Thank your for the legal clarification. So calling him a "whacko" or suggesting that he uses crack cocaine is protected under the constitution?

You are even more dense, than I first thought. Please pull your head out of your ass, and stop abusing the internet.

If I was you, I would stop this unsolicited attack on Dan and his family immediately. We can trace your computers and find out who you are very easily.

Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless you.
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Joined: 19 Nov 2006
Posts: 20

PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 6:02 pm    Post subject: Re: legal claification Reply with quote

Really? Thank your for the legal clarification. So calling him a "whacko" or suggesting that he uses crack cocaine is protected under the constitution?

I don't recall suggesting he uses crack cocaine. And as for voicing someone's opinion on the mental fortitude, sure. Not that I am guilty of the above, but yes, it is protected under freedom of speech as long as one doesn't claim to have proof or as long as it is an implied statement.

You are even more dense, than I first thought. Please pull your head out of your ass, and stop abusing the internet.

So I'm abusing the internet? How so? Is posting a response to the countless identical threads on the same exact topic abuse? And what's with you and telling people to pull their head out of thier ass? Jez man, it's just isn't getting any funnier.

If I was you, I would stop this unsolicited attack on Dan and his family immediately. We can trace your computers and find out who you are very easily.

You go right ahead and do what ever is in your legal rights to do. I am not attacking anybody. Fact is, I pray he gets help. One way or another God willing; he will.

I have nothing to hide. And I don't think it is too much to ask to back your story up with some facts. But, as it seems, two years later and nadda.

Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless you.

Same to you. I hope you and yours has a happy holiday.
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It could happen to you

Joined: 25 Nov 2006
Posts: 3
Location: America/Oregon/USA

PostPosted: Sat Nov 25, 2006 10:06 am    Post subject: Warm Springs Indian Reservation Gross Police Misconduct!!!!! Reply with quote

This is a True Story experienced by Me & My Family on August 11th 2005 in Warm Springs Oregon. All names and times are Accurate & Correct. I am an Oregonian, an American Citizen and an Evangelist.

United States Department of Justice Mission Statement:

To enforce the law and defend the interests of the United States according to the law; to ensure public safety against threats foreign and domestic; to provide federal leadership in preventing and controlling crime; to seek just punishment for those guilty of unlawful behavior; and to ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans.

It is a crime for one or more persons acting under color of law willfully to deprive or conspire to deprive another person of any right protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States. (18 U.S.C. ßß 241, 242). "Color of law" simply means that the person doing the act is using power given to him or her by a governmental agency (local, State, or Federal). A law enforcement officer acts "under color of law" even if he or she is exceeding his or her rightful power. The types of law enforcement misconduct covered by these laws include excessive force, sexual assault, intentional false arrests, or the intentional fabrication of evidence resulting in a loss of liberty to another. Enforcement of these provisions does not require that any racial, religious, or other discriminatory motive existed.
Violations of these laws are punishable by fine and/or imprisonment.
This law makes it unlawful for State or local law enforcement officers to engage in a pattern or practice of conduct that deprives persons of rights protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States. (42 U.S.C. ß 14141). The types of conduct covered by this law can include, among other things, excessive force, discriminatory harassment, false arrests, coercive sexual conduct, and unlawful stops, searches or arrests.

My Family and I were pulled over for a Minor Traffic Violation.
(Passing on the right)

My Family and I were then Violated, Patronized, Threatened, Intimidated and then Beaten & Pepper Sprayed by two Warm Springs Oregon Indian Reservation Police Officers. Matthew Sherwood & Mike Perkins.
August 11th 2005 on HWY 26, in the parking lot of The Indian Head Restaurant. We were obviously deprived of our "Personal Liberties"! (118US.356,357) & Civil Rights!
Matthew Sherwood isnít Indian and he doesnít live on the Reservation.
He used to work for Madras Police Department as a wannabe. He also has priors for this type of activity.
Mike Perkins is not Indian and he works for the Linn County Sheriff or at least use to.

They Threatened & Degraded us over an hour Prior, with Bodily Harm & Physical Injury!! For a minor traffic violation? Matthew Sherwood said that he will yank me out of the car window and beat my ass. He said that he is sick of people like me speeding thru his town. He said that he is sick of mother %#ckers like me killing innocent people on his highway.

We were in Fear of our Safety and our Lives hours Prior to being Intentionally Assaulted.
In such Fear that we had to summons the help of an Oregon State Police Officer to save us from the Terror & Intimidation!
We advised the Oregon State Trooper that we were being Threatened with bodily harm & Intimidated and that we need him to stay with us until the Rogue Indian Reservation Cops have left because we were in Fear of them and their Threats of Harm to Myself & my Family.
I even pointed out to him which one was the Aggressor & Agitator. (Matthew Sherwood) (also has worked for Madras Police Department)
He agreed to do so, and he did just that! He sat there with us until the 2 Insurgents had left the area!
(This was recorded by the Oregon State Police Officer and we have a copy of this recording from the Oregon State Police Department)
The Insurgents took my Oregon drivers license (said it was suspended) and told us that we had to sit there. Matthew Sherwood advised us that ďHEĒ was Judge, Jury & Executioner in Warm Springs.
The 2 Indian Reservation Insurgents then Stalked and Intimidated us for over an hour. Driving by real slow (1-5 mph) in a 45 mph zone, HWY 26.
4 Times he did this. Flipping us off every time he slowly drove past us. Flipping us off?? This is a Cop?? This isnít a Cop.
He also parked in the bushes and sat behind us for over 20 minutes. The fourth time he flipped us off, I flipped him back, then the Insurgent (Perkins, also worked as a Linn County Sheriff deputy) came to a skidding stop right next to my drivers door, in the middle of HWY26, he jumped out of his Patrol car and Threatened us again with Bodily Harm, Physical Injury & even Vehicle Confiscation!
When I said "You cant do this to us" You cant steal my License and then tell us to sit here and then Stalk, Intimidate & Threaten us"....."Whatís your Badge #"? He started laughing like a Drunk and called me a %#cking Idiot over & over and said that I watch to much God Damn TV and then he sped off in his Patrol car. (Perkins) Threatens us and jumps back into his car and left the scene. This is a Cop? A Police Officer? A Sheriff Deputy? Get Real!
I told my Wife to go call 911 and tell them that we are being Threatened again by the same Insurgent cops that we just requested help from the Oregon State Police to protect us from.
They hung up on her! They hung up on her!! She figured that it had to be a bad connection. Who in their right mind would hang up on a women calling 911 for help from someone threatening to harm her. Na, They hung up on her. 911?
She called back a few more times & the lady kept hanging up on her. (Warm Springs 911 not Jefferson County 911) No sooner did she get back to the car crying hysterically saying they just kept hanging up on me, the other Insurgent cop (Sherwood) comes skidding up to the back of our car (we have pictures of this)
He jumps out (this is the Same Exact Cop that was Threatening me earlier with Bodily Harm & Physical Injury, and we had to ask a State Cop for help from and Who also has a Record of this Type of behavior! & who I pointed out to the State Cop) (he has even done the same thing, since my family was assaulted and attacked)
He starts Patronizing & Threatening my wife.... He said "Im sick of your %#cking Assís" grabbing at his gun, unsnapping it.
I said to my wife,"get back in the car" "we are in the Twighlight zone" and pointed towards the door, as I was turning around I was being Pepper Sprayed in the neck, chest, shoulder, back & head.
The Insurgent cop was so Hyped up and out of control that he couldnít even aim straight. I yelled out "what the hell are you doing"? "whatís wrong with you"? "what did we do to you"? " He screams out "you're going down you God Damn Punk!" "Im taking you down", "I hate mother %#ckers like you"! Im sick of your %#cking ass, And started hitting me with his Metal Stick.
I then screamed at my wife to "Run, Run, Run, go call 911, call the police, call the State Police, Get Help! Fast, Run, Run. Get help fast"!
It was Clear to us that we were in a Lawless town ran by a bunch of Insurgents cops that force their own rule of Law! I believe the State Cop knew this as well!
As she ran I was walking backwards saying to the Cop "you cant do this to my family".... (My hands were up in the air and I was walking backwards the entire time, even their witnessís confirm this).
I couldnít turn my back on him that was obvious. He just kept Beating & Beating & Spraying.
As my wife was on the Phone trying to call 911 again, I was walking backwards around the phone booth in circles yelling for him to stop,"Please stop" " donít you see what you are doing to my kids". (12&15) Who were crying hysterically and screaming "whatís wrong with you"? "Why are you doing this to us"? "Please stop hitting my Dad". Stop, Stop Stop.
Then the other Insurgent cop came skidding into the parking lot, jumped out of his car and started Beating me with his Metal Stick & Pepper Spraying me. As he was Attacking me the other one stops Beating me (Sherwood) and jumps on my 15 year old Son, throws him to the ground, yanks his head back by his hair and sprays him point blank right in his eyes with his Pepper Spray.
Why? Why did he attack my son? Why? Why Huh? Why? My son was crying and asking Why? Why? Why?. Why would a Cop stop attacking me and choose to attack my 15 year old defenseless boy?
Yeah! you need a Badge & a Gun!
My son was doing absolutely nothing! Absolutely nothing!!!!
He was crying and asking Why? Why? Why? & "Please Stop" Please Stop"!
The Insurgent cop that Attacked my Son then comes over to where I am being Beaten (as my Son is handcuffed on the ground screaming & kicking and rolling around in Pain, Agony & Disbelief)
and sticks his Gun in my face and starts screaming "Im going to kill you" "Im going to kill you mother %#cker" "You %#cking punk, Im going to %#cking kill you" as the other one is Beating & Spraying me. Cop? Na! These are not Cops!
(you donít have a clue as to how I wanted to protect myself & family at this point, & very well could have if I chose that route, which I did not!!)
All the while the Jefferson County Sheriff and other Warm Springs Cops in the background were moving out of the way of the Bullet Travel & the whole time I was yelling "Who are you people? Whatís wrong with you? You cant do this to us, You cant do this to my Family. I said "Go ahead and shoot an unarmed man with his hands in the air" "Walking backwards and begging you to stop" "You want me to turn my back too"?
(my wife and younger son seen two Real Native Americans grab a rifle from their trucks back window, why? Humm! I guarantee it was not to shoot me!)
I started to kneel on my knees, hands still in the air,...still in the air!, not resisting in any way shape or form (actually saying"please stop hitting me") and the Insurgents figured this was their chance to inflict some damage since I was in a Vulnerable position, (hands in the air and on my knees) & he started Beating me even more. He yells out "We donít negotiate" "We donít negotiate with %#cking Punks" and continues to Beat me.
Cop? Na! This is called a Coward!! Cowards do not belong behind a Badge & a Gun. Especially on an Indian Reservation where they donít have to obey their own Laws, let alone any of the Constitutional Rights of any American traveling thru their "Above the Law" Foreign Country" on an Oregon State Highway!
After I realized the Cops were not there to arrest me, they were there to do exactly what they said they were going to do, hours earlier!
Which was to Inflict Bodily Harm and Physically Injure Me and MY FAMILY! I stood up, took a few more blows with their Metal Sticks, a few more shots with their Pepper Sprays. I then screamed out at the Crowd, "Donít you people see what these Cops are doing?
They yelled out "Yes we see them" I said "will you do something then if they start hitting me again when I get down & try to surrender? They yelled out "Yeah man we got your back". "We are watching them".
The Insurgents then calmed down enough (Since they were being witnessed) I then knelt down & they handcuff me and threw me on a bench and I flipped over the back of it onto my head.
It just so happens that there were Jefferson County Sheriff's Officers & other Warm Springs Cops in the Crowd who just watched me & my 15 year old son being Beaten & Attacked. Just Watched!
Why? Why did they just watch? Why didnít they get involved? Just Watched?
I took over 70 Blows from 2 Metal Sticks, I was Pepper Sprayed and I had to Watch while my 15 year old Son was Attacked, Assaulted and Tortured for no reason!!!!!!!!!! What could we have possibly done to deserve this?
Over a 3 hour period, We were Victimized, Patronized, Belittled, Degraded, Stalked, Tortured, Intimidated, Threatened Repeatedly, Assaulted, Falsely Arrested, Falsely Imprisoned, Illegal Vehicle Search, Victims of False Polices Reports, Hung up on by the Entity (911) that was established to PROTECT people who are in Imminent Danger and being Threatened, Stalked & Tortured!!! I was denied my Pain medicine and I was denied a phone call!
Not once! Not Twice! Not Even Tree times! Over & Over they Hung Up on a Women who was crying out in Desperate need of HELP and Assistance!!!
Because of her Negligence (911 Operator) we were Attacked & Assaulted anyway! From the same Cops that we were threatened from hours prior! We suffer to this day! You donít have a Clue!
If a women asked for help from an Oregon State Cop because she was being threatened with RAPE and she was subsequently RAPED by the 2 that were threatening her hours prior......and she called 911 for help during the RAPE and was hung up on......Numerous times!..During the Rape, Hummmm!!!
Get Real!! ...donít try to Hide it!....Do something About it!!!!
We tried to stop the Imminent attack hours earlier!!!
We tried to call 911 for assistance over & over again!!
Do you think any of it has stopped? Well it sure as heck has not!!! My Family is Traumatized to say the least! I can give you a very long list of Depression, Nightmares, Physical Damage, Mental Damage, Emotional Damage, Financial Damage and so on and I can personally guarantee you that it was not brought on because of me or any wrongdoing on my Families part!

About a month later I find out that the Insurgent Cops are now saying that I hit them! How Pathetic!! They actually FILED a Police Report saying that I beat one of them in the Face several times.
Where were his injuries?
Why would I stop beating him?
If I would have started beating him, I guarantee I would not have stopped!
Especially after he attacked my innocent 15 year old son!!!
Why is it then that no one else seen this? Not even their own witness who stated that he seen the entire incident from beginning to end yet he never says anything about the Insurgents being hit or me even attempting to protect myself or my family. He actually states that I was walking around backwards around the phone booth yelling ďPlease stopĒ Please StopĒ ďplease stop hurting meĒwith my hands in the air the entire time! Thatís their witness, not mine.
How about the other Warm Springs Cop (Jeremy) with his little ride along buddy who was about 10 years old?! Did he witness this? Did the Jefferson County Sheriff she anything resembling me protecting myself???
Another one of their Falsified Police Reports states that I kicked the other Insurgent Several times in the Stomach.
Their witnesses never seems to have ever seen this part of the incident either and neither did the Jefferson County Sheriff or the other Warm Springs Cops! Why is that? Why? Because itís a Lie thatís why? This is called a FALSE POLICE REPORT. Cops? Na! I donít think so!
Ask any of their witnesses if they ever seen me even act like I was going to hit them, ask them if I ever tried to protect myself or my family at any point, in any way shape or form. Do you have any clue as to what this does to a Father? A Dad, A Husband?
None of their witnesses seen this part!! Not even their witness that says he seen the whole thing from beginning to end. Liars Too! .......Wow, go figure!
My hands were in the air the entire time I was being Beaten, Tortured & Assaulted. I will not spend one day in Jail for a False Police Report Written & Filed by two Insurgents that were Threatening us with Bodily Harm & Injury hours Prior to us being Stalked, Tortured, Intimidated, Victimized, Assaulted, Attacked and Victims of the Worst kind of Gross Police Misconduct that there is!
We are still suffering from it, Daily!!!!!!!!!!!
We are seeking Your Type of Justice!
Now lets see it!
Stand up!
"If so-called Police Officers will Infringe on men's Rights, they ought to Pay Greater Damages than other men, to Deter and Hinder other Officers from the Like Offences."
Federal criminal civil rights law prohibits law enforcement agents from conspiring to interfere with federally protected rights, depriving rights under color of law, or using or conspiring to use force, or threat of force, to interfere with the free exercise of our civil rights.
We havenít even brought up the 911 Operator or My Physical Injuries let alone the Mental, Financial or Emotional problems we are all experiencing.
Daniel J Brown
www.freewebs. com/pastordan
www.freewebs. com/evangelist
The United States Constitution provides fundamental rights which cannot be denied. All law must comply with the basic fundamental rights and guarantees provided by the United States Constitution. The protections afforded under the Constitution of the United States, as well the constitutions of the various states, are provided to all persons. Any law which violates constitutional law may be overturned through the court system and thus prosecution based upon such law would be prohibited. Courts are routinely asked to determine whether the prosecution of a person would violate Constitutional law.

"BLUE WALL of Justice"
"You know the words on the side of police cars "To Serve And Protect", let me tell you every time I see that I'm sick with grief. It doesn't apply to anyone. It should read, "hey, we serve and protect our own"!

We have a Growing List of Past Victims of Matthew Sherwood and we have NEW Victims of Matthew Sherwood. Including False Police reports and he even called one of them at Home and threatened them over the phone. People this is not a Cop! Someone needs to Stand Up!

We went to Warm Springs in February to file Criminal Charges on their two Insurgents and their Chief ENES SMITH said ďHe doesnít accept Criminal Charges on his Police Officers and we better leave the Country or he will personally take us outĒ! WOW! Thatís their Chief. Hummm!
He, Ironically writes books on ďLiarsĒ and ďHow to tell when someone is LyingĒ Wow!
Maybe you can invite him to your town, schools, police stations and have him teach you about Liars!

My Family has suffered tremendously from Warm Springs reckless negligence. We have suffered emotional, mental, financial & physical pain. I admonish you to view Oregonís Bill of Rights section 1, 10 11, 13, 20 and more.

Police abuse is a serious problem. It has a long history, and it seems to defy all attempts at eradication.
The problem is national -- no police department in the country is known to be completely free of misconduct -- but it must be fought locally. The nation's 19,000 law enforcement agencies are essentially independent. While some federal statutes that specify criminal penalties for willful violations of civil rights and conspiracies to violate civil rights, the United States Department of Justice has been insufficiently aggressive in prosecuting cases of police abuse especially on Indian Reservations.
You've got to address specific problems. The first step, then, is to identify exactly what the police problems are in your town. What's wrong with your police department is not necessarily the same as what's wrong in another city. Police departments are different in size, quality of management, local traditions and the severity of problems. Some departments are gravely corrupt; others are relatively "clean" but have poor relations with community residents. Also, a city's political environment, which affects both how the police operate and the possibilities for achieving reform, is different in every city. For example, it is often easier to reform police procedures in cities that have a tradition of "good government," or in cities where minorities are well organized politically.
The range of police problems includes:
Excessive use of deadly force.
Excessive use of physical force.
Discriminatory patterns of arrest.
Patterns of harassment of such "undesirables" as the homeless, Indians, youth, minorities and gays, including aggressive and discriminatory use of the "stop-and-frisk" and overly harsh enforcement of petty offenses.
Chronic verbal abuse of citizens, including racist, sexist and homophobic slurs.
Discriminatory non-enforcement of the law, such as the failure to respond quickly to calls in low-income areas, and half-hearted investigations of domestic violence, rape or hate crimes.
Police Brutality and Police Misconduct is not merely a problem, it is a crime against people! If a police officer breaks the law, they should be held accountable for their actions and prosecuted just like you and I.

Liberty & Justice for All!
Everyone has Human & Civil Rights and they should not be abused by anyone, especially the Police!! We are and have suffered Emotionally, Mentally, Financially & Physically.
Someone must ďStand UpĒ!

Daniel J Brown
www.freewebs. com/evangelist
www.freewebs. com/pastordan
Would you care for a list of Physical, Mental, Emotional and Financial problems?
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Joined: 19 Nov 2006
Posts: 20

PostPosted: Sat Nov 25, 2006 12:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Oh yay! Another one of Dan's personalities! Jez, he isn't even trying to hide it anymore.

"It could happen to you"

Yeah, I could get struck by lightning too but you don't see me running around screaming that the sky is falling.

Hey Mod's, you see what we are talking about?
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