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Joined: 01 Nov 2006
Posts: 1

PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2006 7:58 pm    Post subject: VOTE RIGHT! VOTE DEMOCRAT Reply with quote

Normally I would be sick of pounding a single topic to death but not when it comes to the evil empire in the White House.

At this point I think that anybody who can support this degenerate administration are either a) very wealthy, b) very stupid, c) just doesn’t read d) highly immoral and irresponsible.

These people are trying to do away with many of the principals of our Constitutional laws. They are radically trying to change the laws of our land and actually succeeding in some areas. They have placed themesleves above the laws of our nations, which is 'constitutionally criminal'.

They place their constituents 'as being in-charge' in places like the The Supreme Court, FCC and that MISERABLE FAILURE, FEMA run by another "compasssionate conservative", MARK BROWN. You know what really pisses me the **** off? He didn't even send a get well card to "the Refugees of New Orleans, USA. Like, "Sorry I missed your drowning"! Barbara Bush, another one of those great "compassionate conservatives" said that "These people" in the Superdome are used to this." These are the pricks YOU voted in. You know what would show some REAL Compassion for "those people"? For Bush and the Republicans to raise the minumum wage for "these people" which is morally long over due. You know "those people" that "you use in the hands of them all like a tool". You send the poor to fight your wars for your misguided and failed agenda in Iraq with a convoluted attempt at an IDEAOLOGY change in a sovereign nation. A regime change. It is what it is. Then the very people they use to support their 'schematic illusions' get discarded when their vote no longer matters or their service to their country no is no longer required. Many have come home from Iraq (their only ticket home alive)" maimed, disabled, crippled and emotionally wrecked for life, to CUTS in Veterans Benefits by the Compassionate Conservatives. President Bush. Bush cut combat pay not too long before he sent troops into Iraq. And do not give me that bullshit about the 3.2% he gave back a year later. It is still not the same as was originally slashed. So it still was an overall CUT. There's the cooked numbers once again. They can no longer work and they are solely dependant the Compassion of Consevatives in government. Sort of like Satan having your wallet. 'Have a nice life, and enjoy your freedom and democracy." Unless you have the money to exisit in Bush's "family values" economy, then maybe you can get the proper life long treatment one who is disabled for life needs. Some are receiving care but far, far too many just AIN'T getting what they deserve. They do not get the proper care that enables people to go back to the most normal and functional life possible. Care in dealing with the mental and emotional scars as well " stress trauma" for the rest of their lives.

Soldiers take risks and know what the deal is when they sign up. All they ever ask from their government, including "We the People", is not to send them off to war for an un-noble and unworthy cause. If they die as a causalty of war protecting their country that is the Most Honorbale and Noble Way for one's life to be lost. For their country. You do not send people to fight and die for an agenda. In other words be reponsible to the human life that is lost by your decisons. This includes and not SECONADRY the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi CHILDREN, women and men who are dead as the reults of invading the wrong country. Be **** responsible with human life because after all we are "All Gods Chidren" whether you are an Iraq citizen or an American floating on his car for a week waiting for help in New Orleans.

Deprogram yourself from the propagandist brainwash of this government. Iraq did not fly planes into the WTC. The high jackers from 9/11 were mostly Saudi terrorists who trained in the hills of Tora Bora in Afghanistan. Iraq did not bomb us, as Japan did. We knew it was Japan so we attacked the people who attacked us. We didn't invade **** Mexico! The enourmous caualaties on in the entire planet was devasting in the aftermath of WW2. America lost literally generations of people. The stakes were very high and we would have been under Japanese Imperialism now if we did not win.

Please for the sake of our nation, deprogram yourselves from Iraq being our enemy. They were in fact never close to ever being threat to America. No, our enemies have very advanced nuclear programs. Real WMD's. N. Korea is already there. These are countries that present real serious threats to our National Security. Yet we must "stay the course in Iraq".

Bush deserted the Afghanstan people and the real war on terror for the pursuit of WMD and then the implemenation of freedom & democracy in Iraq. Our soldiers are not dying in Iraq protecting America or Americans from the real terrorists at large. You have to distinguish who and where our true enemies are. They are in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and North Korea. Iran hates the Jews and they hate us for supporting the Jews. Hezzbollah did not act alone. A former Israeli prime minisiter said that on a TV show recently. They were working for Iran.

Calling American Citizens "Refugees" in America! What is that s*** all about? In America!? Huh! If thats Bush's version of freedom & democracy, count me the **** out! First Ammendement rights continue to be challenged. They are trying to implement Christianity within the laws of America which is what our forefathers fought so hard to prevent. This is why we have freedom from religious persecution.

This should frighten the majority of Americans. Sadly nobody cares. We are not even close to being the most intelligent country any longer. Slightly more than half of the country has proven that national brainwash works. They have shown America to be a very dumbed down filled with mediocrity and Mid-western-ism. One that accepts anything this president says as gospel. A country where people vote on issues that invoke an emotional response opposed to the issues that affect working class Americans. Things like Roe vs. Wade, gay marriages and stem cell research. They used the tears and emotions of 9/11 to switch the war on terror in Afghanistan to the invasion. Nobody paid attention.

They always run on platforms that divide people because that has been their agenda since day one. “Whoever is not for me is against me”, has turned into The Red vs. Blue. The false demonization of the Democratic Party has made the Country a left vs. right nation. The abortion and gay debates have divided working class people and steered them away from the real issues that working class are normally united on. Regardless of party affiliation. If they ran on all of their policies both foreign as well as domestic, they would not even be close to being the Senate majority.

They are at it again trying to manipulate John Kerry’s words to make people angry. What Kerry meant say was that Bush preys on the families of the poor and sends Army Recruiters into their town across America and promise them a better life. They lie and deceive about what serving in the American military is. You never see the rich fight in wars. You never see these rich republican cock suckers ever send their kids to fight. They send you or your children. Dick Cheney was asked why he never served in Viet Nam to which he replied” because I had better things to do”. This was a public quote. George Bush used his father’s connections not to serve because they are elitist scumbags. Why doesn’t Jenna Bush go serve her father’s agenda? Not for them. Wars are for the poor without opportunity to fight in so thy high class and privileged can stay home with better things to do”.

Bush preys on the formally uneducated and people who are poor. They promise them career opportunities to join the Army, Navy or Marines offering them the world. Being an Army lifer is a highly noble career, but make no mistake who Bush targets to serve in Iraq. People who have nothing. That does not make those people uneducated, just people who have limited opportunity’s at a certain stage in their lives. “So come and be all you can be in the Army.” But when you are sent of to fight for a cause nobody believes in any longer, including the soldiers there, you may be left there for 3, 4, 5 or 8 years in a failed policy. When does it end?

They smear democratic decorated war veterans. As an elitist as Kerry is, at least he served on a battlefield and led men in combat. Military recruiters do not hang around rich neighborhoods. But of course because many of you are so dumbed down and make your choices on innuendo and smear opposed to facts and sense, you believe any gossip. This is new-age dumbed down America.

Bush and Co. are counting on America’s stupidity once again. Bush continues to disregard the well-being of American soldiers while manipulating the media here. I personally know a mother whose son is serving In Iraq right now. She has had to send him money and equipment to survive, but sure I hate my country that is why I tell you things that I know. Don’t you know people like me are "friends of the terrorists" according the unpatriotic right because we are standing up and trying to preserve civil rights in this country? When you wake up one day and see people going to jail for openly criticizing their government, know you could have done something about it. When the Constitution means nothing anymore know that you could have done something about it. When government officials open your email, do not bitch. This is what you wanted. You supported illegal wiretapping at the expense of civil liberties thinking that that this was one of the sacrifices America had to give up in the pursuit of National Defense. Ben Franklin warned against men who would steer America down a dark course when he said, “Those who would give up freedom and liberties in the pursuit of temporary measures of security deserve neither freedom or liberty.”

These methods placate the gullibility of America because these methods are not really designed to keep you safe JUst keep your living in FEAR so you think that they are protectting you. Please, for once use your common sense. This is government control, initiated by government propaganda. If America wanted to really keep you safe they would improve our border security with real background checks on people who enter America. The day after 911 this should have been made a priority. But they would rather challenge a Democrats miitary record while they jump in glee. They make you wait 5 hours in an airport to check Mrs. Smith lipstick or hair gel. This is all a show to create perception, which is what they have done all along. Face this harsh reality: Bush was the president when we were attacked. We were attacked because terrorists cleared our border security and took flying lessons. Not Bill Clinton or Abraham Lincoln. George Bush. He ignored CIA warnings. He never ever had one meeting regarding bin Laden. According to Richard Clarke the former security advisor to both Presidents stated tis on national TV. This was all in mainstream news. In fact he was on vacation the entire month of August. Get off of your delusional platforms that Clinton somehow was the blame. The path to 911 was another stupid pet trick at spreading propaganda and smear.

I want to clear some misconceptions about the lies and deceit of this administrations flase claim to being the party that is strong on national defense.

1)We were attacked under Bush’s watch. 9/11 was on the sitting president who disregarded CIA warnings, was on a month long vacation in August 2001.

2)While Bush is wasting American lives and money in the wrong war in Iraq, under Bush’s watch, North Korea has developed a nuclear bomb. Kim has already tested it in open defiance against Bush. Iran has an advanced nuclear proliferation program, but you keep supporting Iraq which does not even have a real Army and they basically have “pee shooters” for weapons. Both N. Korea and Iran hate us and are real threats. Keep staying the course in Iraq leaving our military spread so thin that we are vulnerable.

3)Border Security remains the single greatest threat to our national security. What is Bush’s response? Construct a 700 mile fence at the border of Mexico? Are you for real? We were attacked on 911 because the borders as well as airports were highly vulnerable.

4) Bush was going to allow a Saudi-based company in Dubai (UAE) called Dubai Ports World. Never mind that 15 of 19 highjackers were Saudis, none of them were from Iraq. The money that the al Qaeda used to fund the 9/11 attacks were traced back to two banks in Dubai. You think that is string National Defense?!

But you vote on issues like Clinton’s penis or Kerry’s war record because you are easily led around because the fact is many of you are just dumb. If you do not pay attention to the real issues, that qualifies you as being not only ignorant but also unpatriotic. Do not vote if you do not educate yourselves.

I saw one imbecile who posted here that he is voting Republican only because of what Kerry allegedly said. Why don’t you consider Bush’s record instead? That Bush is the most liberal and reckless spender there has ever been, An 8 trillion National Debt where this increased by 5 trillion dollars under Bush should be an indicator that the economy is bad. But Bush spins his cooked numbers all the time. Do you even know what the National Debt is? If not, shame on you. It comes from the National Trust Fund a/k/a your future retirement money. This administration continues to raise the ceiling in borrowing more against this to fund his schemes of illusion. Your money. He proves time and time again that voters in this country do not look at the issues.

Bush tells you how healthy the American Economy is. Booming I have heard.

Booming for who? The CEO’s of Corporate America? Not one of Bush tax cuts gave anybody any additional money in the working class. The tax cut lifted tax burdens off the very wealthiest people in America while adding tax burdens to the working class. The numbers you ride on that he tells you benefit government only and corporate/government profit and has absolutely nothing to do with you. They cook the books and spin numbers. Bush tells you that he has generated 4.6 million new jobs but he has never mentioned the three million jobs he lost between 2000-2002. Bush tells you home ownership is up, but 95% of home sales were people selling their first home to buy a new house. There were very little first time buyers which is the real indicator. So the numbers are false. You know what is up because of Bush? Corporate Welfare that’s what. The unemployment figures are absolutely spin and deception. The numbers say that this is the lowest unemployment we have had in 25 years. Well, when people lose a job and their unemployment insurance runs out and you still not have found a job you are no longer accounted for by the Labor Force. They create a very misleading picture. Sure the economy is up and America is working. That is why over the course of the last 18 months, 5 million more Americans joined the poverty level. Making the total over 40 million in the land of the free and home of the brave. Over 50 million Americans cannot afford to see a doctor. I have my doubts that this is the lowest unemployment there has been in 25 years because under the Clinton administration, 22.2 million jobs were created. Please don’t even play yourself.

When I awoke on November 8, 2004 I saw the headlines in a British mainstream newspaper that said “How can 59 million Americans be so dumb?”

Trust me, Bush continues to count on your lack of understanding on the issues.
He wants to you vote with your emotion. He wants you to vote on “fear”.

“The only thing to fear is fear itself”.

Show some guts and character and opt for change.

Staying the course with Bush and the Republicans put the nail in the coffin for our system. I do not subscribe to ‘faith-based initiatives”. I prefer facts.
*I endorse this message.
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